# Uploading

# Can I bulk upload data?

Whenever you see these icons on the top bar of any screen it means that data can be added in bulk by using our uploading templates

Upload and download template buttons

# Downloading templates

You can click on the download template button in order to get an example excel file with the template for uploading

Click on download template

This will download an Excel file to your computer, once you open the file you can see the example data

Template example

Each our our templates has a Help sheet

Help sheet

If you click on the Help sheet you can find the detailed explanation of each field as well as which fields are mandatory and which are optional

Help sheet

# Uploading data

Once you have your upload file ready (in our templated format) you can click on the upload button to start uploading your file

Click on upload data

A file browser will open and you can select the location of the file you want to upload

Click on upload data

Once you select the file there will be an upload in progress notification on screen

Upload in progress

Once the upload is complete the screen will reload with the uploaded data

Reloaded screen

A results file will be downloaded to your computer with the results of the upload

Results file

If you open this file you can see the action taken for each line in the uploaded file

Results file

Any errors or warnings will also appear in the Notification section on screen

Click on notification

A list of all notifications will appear and you can click on the one that you want to see

Click on notification

A pop-up will apper with the errors and warning of the upload

Notification pop-up