Supply Chain Intelligence

Customer centered

We've designed the platform with you, its user, at the center. Create and share views so the entire team sees the same data at the same time. Drill down to item/location level for planning and get the big picture in a single place. See all your supply chain data in a single place, no more need for excel spreadsheets.

Supply chain intelligence

Forget about weeks, months, or even years of implementation time and excessive fees.

You can start using our platform from day one and add your data right from the start.


Our platform revolves around three key points

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We create a single source of truth for all your supply chain data by aggregating data from all your other systems.
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What-if scenarios

Answer questions like: What is the impact of a delayed shipment on my supply chain? How will it impact my customers? How can I fix it?
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Fast implementation

We can get you set up quickly so you can see results in a matter of weeks to a few months.

A few of our
success stories

We've greatly improved our customers' efficiency by reducing the time they spend on repetitive tasks.
Using our software, they keep growing their businesses by making informed decisions.

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Follow these simple steps and you will be up and running in no time.


System access

In less than 24 hours you'll receive an email with instructions to access your secured Knosc instance pre-populated with demo data.


Understand use-cases

We invite you to schedule a call with us to talk about the problems you're trying to solve and get an introduction of the system tailored to your needs.


Manual uploads

Easily upload your data to the system via the built-in templates. Explore the system and see how you and your team can use it.


Automated integrations

We work together with you to automate the data entry process. You get access in real-time to all your supply chain data and can run advanced analytics.

Fully packed with
top notch features

This is just a sample of the features our supply chain digital platform has. You'll discover all the features as you start using our platform.










Inventory Planning


BI Dashboard

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