Knosc's supply chain intelligence platform consolidates all your data in a single place,
it helps your team save countless hours of repetitive tasks and streamlines your processes

Let's take a look at some examples of how you can use Knosc to benefit your business.

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How many systems are you using today to manage your supply chain? If the answer is more than one then Knosc might be the answer for you.

We work with your team to automatically get the data in real time into Knosc from all your different data sources.

We saved our customers an average of 2 hours per analyst per day of manual data processing. For a team of 5 analysts that's more than $100K in savings per year.

Data <br> aggregation

Data sync
with partners

Knosc improves communication with your suppliers, customers, and contract manufacturers by automating data transfers bidirectionally.

Suppliers and contract manufacturers can have limited access to their data in Knosc. This way they can update you on delivery dates or on any unexpected delays or shortages.

We can help you streamline communication with your customers by picking up their forecasts and sending them Advanced Shipment Notifications (ASN) so they know what to expect once your cargo arrives at the destination.

Data sync <br> with partners

made easy

You can view your entire supply chain data: procurement, inventory, manufacturing, demand, and forecast in a single place. You can reduce time horizons, look at individual or multiple locations, and see advanced insights about what you need to order, when, and who from.

Want to see more details? You can view your daily inventory evolution at an item level. On each date in the future you'll know all transactions happening on that date. This gives you the full picture so that you can be in the know and act accordingly.

That's knowing your supply chain, or as we call it, knosc.

Planning <br>made easy


Did you ever get a call from your suppliers to inform you about a delay in shipping or missing quantities? Did you have to quarantine inventory in one of your warehouses? How about a sudden spike or drop in demand that you weren't expecting?

How did you manage these changes? Did you have to struggle to find solutions and alternatives? How long did it take you to do so? With Knosc you can model all these changes in a matter of minutes.

You'll have a detailed side-by-side comparison between your current supply chain and the scenario you create. Not just that, but you can see lead times, purchase prices, delivery times, and much more so you can fix the problem easily.

Scenario <br>analysis


Our machine learning and AI tools help you be proactive. We simulate your entire supply chain, look for vulnerabilities and tell you how to fix them.

With a single click of a button you can see what purchase orders you need to submit, what manufacturing orders you need to create, and when you need to do each of them so that you'll be able to fulfil all your demand or forecast.

We also ensure that you don't overstock, so that you don't end up blocking working capital when you could use it to grow your business.



At Knosc, customer satisfaction is the most important thing. We imagine it's the same for you. We built our risk management set of tools to help you maintain and increase customer satisfaction levels.

We automatically identify any sales order that might be at risk, and highlight it for your team to take action. Our algorithms are customizabile so that you can prioritize your customers and items however fits your needs.

The result? None or fewer of those awkward calls to your customers having to explain why their order didn't get there in time or in full.

Risk <br>management


Need a quick overview of the current state of your business? Need some insights from the past so you can plan for the future?

Our built in dashboards can save your team valuable time to quickly find the data they're looking for. May it be historical purchase prices or lead times, the state of the business in the last quarter, or demand trends for items or customers, we've got you covered.


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