See the benefits you'll get
by using Knosc

80% Improved productivity

  • We save your team valuable time with automations
  • Goodbye attachments, hello efficiency
  • You team will access the same data at the same time
  • Share data with suppliers and customers

Actionable data 72 hours early

  • Access the relevant data as soon as it’s available
  • Save time on data processing and analysis
  • Stay ahead of the competition with data driven decisions
  • Never miss a sale cause you acted too late

2x Improvement in capacity

  • Handle twice the workload with the same team
  • Support more complex operations
  • Let your team focus on growing the business
  • Retain talent and grow your team



Continuously improving our system
to further benefit you

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Planning at item location level

Currently our algorithms run at item level, allowing our users to plan across all locations and then filter for one or several locations to see details. We are extending this functionality to allow planning at item/location level so that users can have a more granular approach to planning.

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Chat system

Ability to chat with other users directly on the platform. For example, you can communicate directly with your suppliers using the internal chat.

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Advanced settings functionality

Ability to modify parameters generated by our algorithms and set defaults. For example, the algorithm makes suggestions when to place an order, and based on the statistical data, the user can decide to change values or set them manually.

More functionalities coming soon!

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