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Supreme Resources
Company Profile

Supreme Resources is a supply chain management business that specializes in the design and operation of customs supply chains for raw materials used in manufacturing. They help their clients customize their chemistry and chemical supply chains, while applying market intelligence to reduce risk and streamline production.

Supreme Resources is trusted by global brands to help them navigate the complexities of the current supply chain networks, especially in the pandemic era, has been a 7-time Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Company of the Year and is a two-time External Business Partner of the Year for Procter & Gamble.

The problem

Supreme’s management realized that relying on spreadsheets and having their core data scattered in multiple systems was hampering their ability to scale their services. Real-time visibility into supply chain conditions eluded them and getting their predictive measures of potential supply chain was so manually intensive, that by the time they had all the information in one place, it was obsolete.


The Solution

Supreme utilized Knosc’s easy to implement, digital supply chain platform to collect data from its multiple internal and external systems automatically. Then it relied on Knosc’s system to interpret data and consolidate everything in one easy to use dashboard that turned information into insight.

The data visualization and dashboard functionalities allow Supreme’s planners and their customers to drill all the way down to the shipment, order and part level to make quick, informed decisions ahead of the market. The powerful scenario analysis functionality allows them to build contingencies and make proactive adjustments months before a disruption occurs. This enabled them to maintain their high level of supply resilience even in light of the unprecedented setbacks in the global supply chain during the years of the pandemic-fueled supply chain disruptions.

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They managed to achieve their
main goals and more:

Improved their speed to visibility from days to seconds

Enabled a global view of their entire supply chain status and risk in one screen, supported by shipment level detail for fine-tuned adjustments on-the-fly

Increased independent decision making by front-line team members by improving the quality and timeliness of access to detailed shipment information

Raised effectiveness and productivity of team members and improved the time to react to disruptions

Improved their overall day to day operations efficiency by more than 1000% by eliminating the manual work necessary to constantly update spreadsheets

Increased trust among customers, vendors and suppliers by “working off the same page” when building “what-if” scenarios.

Our clients were happy,
the whole process was a true success.

I used to spend a lot of time consolidating data manually, and by the time I was finished, the numbers were no longer up to date. Now, I can spend that time focusing on making the best decisions for the business.

Even just getting all the disparate pieces of information in one place to look at any way I want is a big step. With Knosc, we have that in real-time, and we also get visibility into likely run out dates, suggested safety stock and scenario building tools that help us communicate the possible futures to the clients as we work together to make the right decisions for each supply chain.

It’s as if Knosc allows us to see all likely futures and choose the one that best suits our customers’ needs. It makes us better at our jobs, and frankly, it makes life better for the all the players up and down the entire supply chain.

Manager at Supreme Resources


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