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Our approach for designing a state of the art supply chain digital platform

The main focus of our platform is the user. We're trying to make their life easier, and help them make informed and timely decisions. One of the main objectives of our supply chain digital platform is to bring transparency to our customers' supply chain processes.

A ready-to-use
supply chain digital platform

Forget about weeks, months, or even years of implementation time and excessive fees.

You can start using our platform from day one and add your data right from the start.


Our platform was designed around three major points

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Modern Interface

Get the visibility you need from a very powerful, feature-rich, and easy-to-use platform, with a very intuitive UI and powerful dashboards.
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Fast Implementation

Thinking it will take months to implement? Think again! With Knosc, we can bring the implementation time down to weeks or even days.
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Affordable Price

Do you think modern technology and fast implementation times will cost you a small fortune? Not with Knosc. Our software is affordable to every enterprise.

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success stories

We've greatly improved our customers' workflows and reduced the time they spend on repetitive tasks. Using our software, they are adding transparency to their supply chain.

What to expect when you
sign up for Knosc

When you start using our platform, follow these simple steps and you will be up and running in no time. You signed up for our platform and now you have your instance of Knosc's supply chain digital platform. What's next?


Step 1

Follow the instructions in your email to create a password so that you can access your secured instance.


Step 2

Your instance will come pre-populated with demo data so you can see how it works from the very first moment you log in.


Step 3

Now that you've played with the system, it's time to add your data, using our APIs or upload templates.


Step 4

You have your data on the platform. Start using it and see the benefits for yourself.

Fully packed with
top notch features

This is just a sample of the features our supply chain digital platform has. You'll discover all the features as you start using our platform.










Inventory Planning


Inventory Trend Matrix


BI Dashboard

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