Supply chain management software
packed with top-notch features


  • Functionality to create purchase orders directly in the system.
  • See all your purchase orders in one place, including their current status, quantities, and ETAs.
  • See all purchase orders containing a specific item with one click.
  • Add or update purchase orders in bulk by using our upload templates.


  • Functionality to create manufacturing orders, upload them using a template, or sync them via integration.
  • Ability to analyze the data at the lowest level of detail so the planners can make informed decisions at all times.
  • See the raw materials used for a particular item alongside the quantities available, expected, and currently used.
  • Have total visibility into your manufacturing process from a single screen.


  • Functionality to upload your inventory data using a template or sync your inventory via integration.
  • View your inventory across all your warehouses in a single place.
  • Easily add, modify or delete your inventory data.
  • See your expected inventory from all your open or in transit purchase orders.


  • Functionality to create sales orders directly in the system.
  • See all your sales orders in one place, including their current status, quantities, and ETAs.
  • See all sales orders containing a specific item with one click.
  • Add or update sales orders in bulk by using our upload templates.

Inventory Planning

  • Ability to view all the data in your supply chain in one place and use advanced filters to quickly find any information you need.
  • You can see your procurement, demand, inventory, manufacturing, forecast data, and much more from a single screen.
  • Did anything change in your data? You can run our advanced algorithms on demand to update the results.
  • Knosc’s supply chain digital platform will help you make informed decisions, such as when to place an order, how much to order and who to order from.

Inventory Trend Matrix

  • Ability to see the expected inventory, procurement, and demand trends in time. You can quickly understand where all the data is coming from and validate it.
  • Click on any quantity displayed on screen to see the transactions behind it.
  • You have full control of your aggregation period. Choose the time increments to see how your inventory will evolve over time.
  • Choose one or several trends that you would like to see from the list (e.g. supply, demand, manufacturing, forecast, and inventory).

BI Dashboard

  • Get a lot of useful information about your supply chain from your past and present data.
  • Ability to filter the graphs to get the information that you need.
  • A world map where you can see all your suppliers, customers, and warehouses. Drill down into the data at the lowest possible level of detail.
  • Ready to place a new purchase order? Our spend analysis dashboard will help you decide who to place the order with.

Admin Tools

  • You have the option to create different user roles, with different levels of access in the system.
  • You can view or edit the data, depending on the privileges that you have. Our granular management tool gives you the flexibility to choose what kind of access each user has and which screens a specific role has access to.
  • Add or remove users from our intuitive user management tool, and assign relevant roles to each of them.
  • You can view and manage your payment method as well as download invoices directly from the system.

Advanced functionalities

  • Ability to customize your view, add, remove, or rename columns, and change the sequence of your columns.
  • Advanced filters that help you drill down into the data to the lowest level of detail.
  • Ability to save views (e.g. columns and filters) and share them with other users.
  • Still want to see your data in Excel? We got you covered. You can export the data to excel from any screen.



Future functionalities

Functionality icon

Cross System Communication

Helps users interact with users from other companies directly through the system.

For example, your suppliers can make changes such as update dates, update quantities, select reason codes, write comments, etc. directly in the system. All changes will be recorded and tracked.

Your suppliers could also upload documents (e.g. bills of lading, shipping documents, etc) directly in the system. This will make it easier to communicate with your customers and suppliers, from a single platform.

Functionality icon

Advanced Settings Functionality

Ability to modify parameters generated by the algorithm and set defaults. For example, the algorithm makes suggestions when to place an order, and based on the statistical data behind that suggestion, the user can decide to change those values and set them manually.

Functionality icon

Feedback Tool

Ability to collect customer feedback directly in the system. Users can flag bugs, ask for new functionalities and keep track of their requests directly from the system.

Functionality icon

Chat System

Ability to chat with any user of the system from any company. For example, you can communicate directly with your suppliers using the internal chat if they are using the Knosc platform as well.

More functionalities coming soon!

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